Commissioned art

Your story in glass

Dein Motiv Glasrisse Wandbild Gemälde

Your motif

Deine Story und Emotionen in Glas geschlagen. Egal ob einzigartiges Erinnerungsstück oder spektakulärer Ausdruck eines Gefühls. Dein Motiv ist es wert in Glas verewigt zu werden.

Together with us

Für ein bestmögliches Ergebnis wollen wir dich und deine Story kennenlernen. Deswegen beraten wir dich kostenlos zu deinem Motiv und erstellen bis zu drei Mock-Ups deines Bildes.


Mock-ups and offers

Send us Pictures of your subject and we'll show you what your glass picture could look like. This is for you completely free

You will also receive a non-binding offer To your request. Commissioned work costs from us 650€. You can find more information about our pricing here FAQ

If you have a voucher code, we will take this into account when creating an offer.

Mockup Glasrisse Wandbild Gemälde

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    Your path to unique glass

    Auftragskunst Glasrisse Wandbild Gemälde

    1. Vote

    Bring your dream motif to life! We create mockups with your images and exchange information, for example via video call. Together we will create a unique work of art for you.

    2. Create

    Sit back while we immortalize your desired motif in glass. We will carefully work on every detail to ensure the artwork exceeds your expectations.

    Auftragskunst Glasrisse Wandbild Gemälde Kundenstory

    3. Enjoy

    Your work is here! Share it, inspire others and enjoy your unique glass work of art. Be inspired every day by the aesthetics of the glass cracks and enjoy their enchanting fascination.



    How to reach us

    We look forward to introducing you to our art. The best way to reach us is via email, telephone, WhatsApp or Instagram. 

    Auftragskunst Glasrisse Wandbild Gemälde Kundenstory



    For Sabrina we were allowed to hammer her dog Thorn into glass. To do this, we first looked at photos and discussed various mock-ups with her. Here are Sabrina's experiences:

    “I wanted something beautiful and unique as a souvenir of Dorn and that's exactly what I got. I am fascinated by the result every day. The special thing about the glass cracks is that they always glitter differently depending on the light. Many thanks to the GJ-Glassart team, the picture was really important to me and I felt like I was in great hands with you!”

    The artwork

    The motif shows the Münster Dorn in profile. The profile view captures the focused gaze and emphasizes the dog's natural elegance. It was important to the client to be able to clearly recognize her dog. That's why the eye area was depicted in as much detail as possible. On the ears, the cracks slowly fade, emphasizing the art form. These long cracks in particular are reflected depending on the incidence of light and create an unmistakable drama.

    Auftragskunst Glasrisse Wandbild Gemälde Kundenstory



    Dennis was fascinated by the shining eyes of the youngest member of the family. This wonder and childlike curiosity inspired him to start a project  Grundke & Jäger GlassArt.

    “My experience with GJ-GlassArt was very personal. They captured the emotions of my inspiration in 'Eyes' and managed to show the vibrant personality behind the eyes.”

    The artwork

    In the artwork “Eyes” we at Grundke&Jäger GlassArt pursued a minimalist yet expressive approach. Through carefully placed cracks, we managed to capture the vibrant eye area. Although the image only shows these details, the person behind the eyes is seen with amazing clarity.

    Eys Glassart Broken Glass
    Auftragskunst Glasrisse Wandbild Gemälde Kundenstory



    For Alina we were allowed to hammer her dog Anton into glass. The picture was a gift for her birthday. We were inspired by photos from Anton's Instagram channel: @anton.thewhitefrenchie_

    “When I received the glass picture for my birthday, I was immediately thrilled. It's just something special, a beautiful kind of art that you don't see anywhere else. It takes a moment to realize that the picture is actually made of cracks in the glass. It’s simply amazing how you can create such detailed motifs with cracked glass!”

    The artwork

    The glass picture shows the French bulldog Anton in a frontal view. The frontal view illustrates the dog's distinctive features, making it clearly identifiable in the picture. Since Alina also has a black French bulldog, it was important to emphasize Anton's white fur. Looking forward highlights the dog's self-confident, calm character. The black muzzle is only hinted at by vertical cracks to underline the contrast to the white fur. 

    Auftragskunst Glasrisse Wandbild Gemälde Kundenstory


    After you do that Inquiry form filled in, we will Contact you to record. We prefer to do a short one afterwards Video call with you to find out more about your motif and where it should be presented. Of course, this is not a must; we can also get to know each other via email. 

    A short Discussion of the motif is necessary in any case. The size of your image depends on the detail of the subject. We would also be happy to advise you on choosing the motif. At the end of the consultation you will receive information from us three mockups of your picture, from which you can choose one to implement.

     We will also send you your personal offer and a payment link that you can use to pay via Paypal, credit card or other payment options. 

    After payment we will implement your picture as quickly as possible. For standard sizes, implementation takes approx. 2 weeks. For special sizes we first have to order glass and therefore need approx. 5 weeks. Your picture will be sent to you by post. 

    A 60cm x 60cm glass picture as a commissioned work costs from €650. The prices depend on the size and detail of the image and will be communicated to you in your offer. 

    You can find the prices for the collection images on the respective collection pages.

    The consultation in advance is free of charge. 

    Our standard size for glass pictures is 60cm x 60cm. This size is sufficient for a portrait with little detail, for example. More space is required for more details or larger motifs. We can implement any format, but this affects the delivery time and price.

    Theoretically, any motif can be depicted with glass cracks. But there are a few design principles that we always follow:

    • Glass cracks can only show contrasts. If your picture looks good in black and white, it will also look good as a glass picture. During the consultation you will receive three mock-ups, from which you choose one.
    • Details need size. Glass cracks cannot be created as small as desired. That's why detailed motifs need more space.
    • Less is more. Elegant, simple motifs are particularly impressive in our glass pictures. The style invites you to leave as much to the imagination as possible.
    • Prioritize clear lines. Soft objects such as clouds or long fur can only be displayed with a high level of detail. Especially with long fur, we tend to hint more. 

    Of course, choose your favorite communication channel. Feel free to write us one WhatsApp message.

    The order can be canceled, however we will retain 50% of the total price to cover the work already done. 

    The finished painting can be returned up to 14 days after dispatch. In the event of a return, we also retain 50% of the total price. 

    Each work of art comes with a certificate of authenticity. Limited collections are signed and numbered by the respective artist, made-to-order items are branded with our logo. 

    The image will be sent to you by post. We attach particular importance to safe and fast shipping. Shipping costs are included within Germany (mainland) for image sizes up to 80x80cm.  

    The glass pictures can be hung in two different ways, which we are happy to provide. When hanging, it should also be noted that glass pictures weigh more than a canvas.

    The first option The suspension is carried out using four metal spacers that are drilled into the wall. These spacers can also be seen on the front and match the style of the glass pictures.

    The second option are adhesive sheets with eyelets on the back of the picture. This hanging system is not visible and can be combined with other picture hanging systems. The picture hanging systems must be designed for the weight of the glass.

    Our glass pictures can normally be touched without risk of injury. Since each picture is unique, we cannot guarantee this. We recommend only handling the picture with non-slip gloves and hanging it out of the reach of children. When hanging it is also important to remember that glass pictures weigh more than canvas.

    Collections are created by us quarterly and always relate to a specific topic. A collection contains several motifs, each numbered and signed by the artist. The price of the collection images varies and can be found on the presentation pages.

    Commissioned works are created together with the client, i.e. you. The price of a commissioned painting depends on the motif and the size of the painting. That's why we'll send you a personal, non-binding offer to accompany your request.

    Glass cracks thrive on the play with light. We therefore recommend not hanging our pictures in a dark corner. A window to the side of the picture is ideal. Depending on the incidence of light, this can create beautiful reflections in the glass. But (colored) spotlights can also create a great effect. 

    If you already know where your picture should be hung, we can take the effects of light into account when creating the picture. 

    Your questions are not listed? Feel free to contact us directly.

    How do I hang my picture?


    Aufhängung Rückseite Glassart Broken Glass

    The invisible fastening via tabs on the back makes the work of art appear to float on the wall, which gives it a special lightness.

    Stainless steel holder

    Aufhängung Edelstahl Halterung Hochwertig Glas gebrochen Kunst

    With sturdy stainless steel brackets on the top and bottom, the picture ensures a secure fit - a perfect choice for households with active pets.